MADE IN GERMANY Weidmuller Pro Tool Bag Electrican's Complete Kit Industrial Automation Commercial Grade

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Made in Germany. Weidmuller Premium Electrical Pro Tool Complete Kit with Weather Proof Bag with innovative ultra quick wire stripping tool STRIPAX. Bag is heavy duty weather proof material.

Weidmuller Premium Electrician's Tool Bag Set

Includes :

• Stripax®
• PZ 6 Roto
• CTI 6
• Insulated Combination Pliers (200mm length)
• Insulated Diagonal Cutters (180mm length)
• Insulated Telephone Pliers (200mm length)
• Insulated 6 Piece Screwdriver Set
• 2K Scissors
• KT 8
• Voltage Tester
• Cross-Key-Duo
• Allen Keys


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