Audible & Voice Indication Warning product demonstration.

BSV - Plug & Play Ultra-Slim Compact MP3 Recordable Play-back Speaker. Apply 24V for instant sound, voice announcement, alarm, music play back. Perfect for installations into Public facilities such as Airports, Schools, hospitals, shopping centers, elevators, escalators, information kiosks, train stations, tram stops, trains, bus, warehouse, logistics, factories, offices, vending machines, casinos, machines, public toilets and more.  

EHS / EHV - Melody, Alarm, MP3 Custom Voice or Sound Horn Speaker with Built-in AMP.  CE, UL listed. IP65.  32 sounds on EHS, 63 sounds on EHV via binary input. Perfect for factories, industrial, carparks, buildings, airports, warehouse, schools, hospitals and more.



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