SIGNALFX WE-302A-RYG 'Christmas Tree' CRANE SAFETY LIGHTS External Load Capacity Indication Warning LED Light

Light Type & Color- Colour: WE-302A-RYG (Low Profile Red, Yellow, Green)


patlite signalfx crane safety lights light christmas tree christmastree load ratio indication led signal light

HIGH GRADE PATLITE SIGNALFX 'Christmas Tree' Crane Safety Lights External Load Capacity Indication Warning LED Tower Light

Ultra slim half-moon shaped Signal Tower offers seamless
integration with most equipment.

• Clear vertical-cut lens for enhanced illumination over a wide perspective.
• Has an optional built-in audible alarm (FB type) with an output of 90dB (at 1m).
• Installation can be vertical or horizontal.
• Two body color selections of chrome plated or ivory white.
• Lens made of superior impact and heat resistant polycarbonate resin for superior durability and enhanced illumination.
• Both NPN and PNP Compatible for direct connection to a PLC (24V DC ONLY)
• Two lighting patterns of flashing and continuous lighting.
• Dust and water resistance rating of IP65 (except for FB type: IP54).
• Available colors are in Red, Amber, Green, Blue, and Clear/White.
• Has the CE mark and conforms to the requirements for the EC directive.
• Is a UL Recognized Component (File No. E215660).

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - 37.5mm profile
FUNCTIONS - Continuous Only
- Continuous, Alarms
MOUNTING - Wall Mount
BODY STYLE - Pre-assembled, pre-wired
BODY COLOR - Body: Chrome Plated
STACKABLE TIERS - Available from 3 to 5 tier versions
- Amber
- Green
- Blue
- Clear
AUDIBLE STYLE - Alarm 1: Selectable, single-tone, intermittent (fast beep) alarm; 85dB (at 1m)
- Alarm 2: Selectable, single tone, intermittent (slow beep) alarm; 85dB (at 1m)
PROTECTION RATINGS - IP65  / IP54 (FB Alarm Version)

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