ANDON Superviser Notification System. Plug & Play. DESIGNED IN AUSTRALIA.

Save $600

色: Red Yellow Green
Audible Signaling: No Audible Signaling
Cable Length: 0 - Directly attached to switch box
$650 $1,250


Industrial Grade, Plug and Play, Easy to Implement, Low-Cost, Lean Manufacturing Solution -  Fully Designed and Assembled Right here in Melbourne with highest quality components and customization options exceeding Global Standards.

 SIGNALFX Design, PATLITE + IDEC Manual ANDON  Supervisor Notification System. Portable, light, durable, flexible mounting, cable options

Plug and Play AC adaptor option for quick set up.

Full IP Rated enclosure and Polycarbonate tower lights makes this unit suitable for any environment including but not exclusive to - Industrial, Retail, Food & Beverage, Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing, Office, Call Center environments.

IoT, Network. IO-Link, Cloud Application Data Capture version available upon request as a tailored custom solution.  Customization costs vary on exact requirement.

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