IP69K LED Lighting Water Oil Chemical Resistant Ultra-bright LED Worklight with IP66G, IP67G, IP69K I PATLITE SIGNALFX AUSTRALIA FACTORY DIRECT I CALL FOR BEST PRICE

Size & Spec: 200mm - Water & Oil Resistant, Aluminium w/ Tempered Glass. (Side Cable Option available)
Rated Voltage: DC24V
Connection Type: Side-exiting Cable
Sale price$595.00 AUD


Oil, Water, Chemical Resistant IP Rated Ultra Bright Industrial LED Work Lights Lighting. IP69K Perfect for Meat, Food and Beverage Processing, Medicine Manufacturing, CNC Machinery, Retail, Semi-Conductor, Scientific Clean Room environments and more. Contact us today for QTY, OEM, distributor discounts.

CLK-AG Worklight CLK Series

Water, Oil, Chemical Resistant, Ultra-bright LED Worklight with IP66G, IP67G, IP69K

Water, Oil and Chemical Resistant LED Light Bar with an illuminance of 2,100lx. (Measurement based on CLK6S-24AG-CD)


• Attained the IP69K standard for the meat, food processing, beverages and medicine manufacturing industries which demands the waterproofing performance. It also corresponds to IP66G/67G standards.

• Special design to reduce “Blinding Light” eff ect, reducing the risk of retinal damage (EN62471-2 for Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems).
• The product lineup includes three sizes (200mm, 300mm, 600mm), two colors (Daylight, Natural White), and diff erent series (Side-exit Cable;
M12 Quick-disconnect; Aluminum Alloy and Stainless Steel Body) for various applications.
• The operating temperature range from -40c to +60c allows installation in sub-freezing temperatures, such as walk-in freezers.
• Slim Profile
• Corresponds to Europe's RoHS Directive.
• Conforms to CE requirements.
• UL Listed (File No. E306141).

Product Features

- Impervious to Water, Oil, and Chemicals
- Includes PATLITE's own 'Micro-array Lens" design to even out light distribution
- Available in three lengths of 200mm, 300mm and 600mm
- Three different Body and Lens Material combinations available
- Uses the popular M12 Quick Disconnect
- Can connect in series with Daisy Links (Using M12 Connectors)

Model Specifications

- 300mm
- 600mm
 VOLTAGES - DC24V (Polarized)
BODY STYLE - Side-exiting Cable Series
- M12 Quick Disconnect Series
- M12 Daisy Link Quick Disconnect Series
- Stainless Steel Body Series
LENS MATERIAL - Tempered Glass
- Acrylic Resin Glass
- UL Listed (Side-exiting Cable Series)
- UL Recognized Component (M12 Quick Disconnect Series)
- IEC62471-2
- RoHS
IP Rating - IP66G
- IP67G
- IP69K


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