RHE 100mm High Grade LED Warning Light Rotating Safety Beacon 7G Vibration Proof I PATLITE SIGNALFX AUSTRALIA I CALL FOR BEST QUOTE

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Color - Colour Options: Red
Voltage: 12v
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Patlite SignalFx LED Warning Light Beacon Australia New Zealand LED Machine Light USA

RHE Industrial Grade LED Warning Light Beacon

100mm LED Revolving Warning Light
The RHE series is a compact LED revolving warning light featuring enhanced illumination with 1super bright LED chip, a dome and an innovative light dispersion reflector system.

Product Features

· Colors available in Red, Amber, Green and Blue.
· Built-in alarm (single-tone, 90dB at 1m) that sounds with the operating light. (Note: Alarm Version MUST be selected, cost varies - RHEB ONLY)
· Uses a compact motor that provides high durability and energy-efficiency.
· Maintenance-free with super-bright, long-lasting LEDs.
· Impact and heat resistant dome lens made from polycarbonate resin material.
· Impact and heat resistant main body is made from ABS resin material.
· CE Compliant for 12V DC and 24V DC types only.
· Terminal block design for easier wiring

Model Specifications

SIZE - 100mm diameter
- 24V DC
FUNCTIONS - Rotating
- Rotating with Alarm
MOUNTING - Direct Mount
- Indoor: Upright, Inverted, Sideways
- Outdoor: Upright Only
BODY STYLE - Round base
- Round top, colored dome
- Pre-assembled, terminals provided
- Optional SZ-200A gasket to increase the IP Rating
BODY COLOR - Body: Beige
GLOBE COLOR - Light Source: LED
- Dome Colors: Red / Amber / Green / Blue
GLOBE MATERIAL - Polycarbonate Resin
AUDIBLE STYLE - RHEB ONLY : 1 built-in alarm; Typical Output: 88dB/m, Minimum: 83dB/m
- Volume is not adjustable
- RoHS Compliant
PROTECTION RATINGS - IP-23 without optional SZ-200A gasket
- IP-55 with optional SZ-200A gasket
- SZ-30L
- SZ-007
- SZ-008
- SZ-200A


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