PATLITE PEW LED Beacon Light Built-in Sounder Static Flashing

Colour: Red
Voltage: AC/DC 24v
Sounder Option: Built-in 2 Tone Alarm


PATLITE LED Indicating Light

Industrial Grade PEW-A 82mm diam. LED Indicating light Built-in Sounder. Adjustable Volume Adjustable Flash rate + light STEADY ON feature.

The dome shape of the PEW provides increased visibility from the top and sides, while the LEDs provide years of maintenance-free operation with three different flash rates to choose from. The unit offers an optional alarm function.

Product Features

· Newly Developed Triple-reflection System: For enhanced visibility and low power consumption.
· Flashing Cycles: 3 patterns —60/120/180 fpm, selectable by a switch.
· PEW-B type: Built-in audible alarm with adjustable volume up to 85dB at 1m.
· Maintenance-free: LED’s power consumption is approx. half of incandescent bulb type (100V/200V AC).
· Installation: Indoors—upright, inverted, sideways; Outdoors—upright only.
· Dome: Superior weather resistant and light translucent acrylic resin.
· PEW: IP54 (IP23 : Using the side wire exit); PES: IP55 (with optional rubber gasket SZ-210, IP23 without SZ-210).
· CE Compliance: 24V AC/DC type ONLY.
· Available Colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue


Model Specifications

SIZE - 82mm diameter
- 100V AC
- 120V AC
- 200V AC
- 230V AC
FUNCTIONS - Continuous
- Flashing
- Three selectable flash rates
MOUNTING - Direct mount
- Indoor only (upright, upside down, horizontal)
BODY STYLE - Round Base
- Round Top, colored Dome
- pre-assembled for LED Color specified, pre-wired
BODY COLOR - Body: Beige
LIGHT SOURCE - Light source: LED
- LED Colors: Red / Amber / Green / Blue
- Dome Colors: Corresponding to LED Color
GLOBE MATERIAL - Acrylic Resin
- UL Component Recognition (US)
- c-UL Component Recognition (Canada)
- RoHS

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