PATLITE LU7-USB LED Tower Light USB Cable Connection for Software or Machine Status Indication such as PRINTING, SELF-CHECKOUT, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT

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LU7-USB LED Signal Tower is now obsolete 

NEW MODEL - LR6-USB LED Signal Tower Light (Linux & Windows Compatible)

PATLITE’s Modular System now offers a stackable Base Unit which includes an alarm and is USB powered and controllable with easy to use application software.

Product Features

・Needs only one USB Cable, so no power supply is necessary (Cable not included)
・operates with DLL Software
・A maximum of three tiers, capable of lighting simultaneously
・Complies with CE/RoHS/FCC/KC Standards
・Protection rating of IP65
・Adjustable alarm frequency
・Two adjustable alarm sound levels
・Sound pressure is a maximum of 80dB
・Sample program for controlling product is downloadable from Patlite’s Global Home Page
・Four kind of flashing patterns
・13 different alarm sounds
・USB cable binding strip is included
・Supports Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 Operating Systems

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