LB6-20ILWCNW IP65 PATLITE LB6-IL IO-Link Programmable RGB LED Multi Status Time Level Indicating Signal Tower Light

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PATLITE LB6-IL Programmable Multi colour RGB LED IO-Link Signal Tower Light Solution

  • IO-Link
  • Programmable LED Light Patterns
  • 21 Colours
  • 20 Segments of Level display
  • 60mm diameter
  • 8 Sound Alarms 88db
  • IP65 for Factory, Medical, Food and Processing
  • Easy Connection with M12
  • Visualize Takt Time of manufacturing process
  • Andon applications
  • Level Meter Mode for time and or level indication
  • Simple mode Operaton with Multi Colur LED Stack Light simulation
  • Single Cable Operation - Reduction of installation and maintenance costs.
  • Works with any brand of IO-Link Master / Infrastructure
  • Rohs 10 CE RU (USA)  UKCA Global Electrical and Environmental Conformity
  • Suitable for hygienice applications such as medical and food or machinery.


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