KJSB-302A-RYG Christmas Tree Crane Safety Lights AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND External Load Capacity Warning Light

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Diameter: 82mm
Colour: Red Yellow Green
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Patlite KJSB 82mm Rotating Tower Light

Patlite KJSB 82mm Rotating Tower Light
The KJSB series is a compact cube tower with a buzzer, featuring a design to be used for applications with machinery and Cranes.
Common use of the KJSB is Christmas Tree Tower Light for Mobile Cranes

Product Features

· Rotating Parabolic Reflector: For enhanced visibility from a distance.
· Flashing Cycle: 160 times/min.
· Built-in Alarm: Intermittent buzzer volume up to 85dB at 1m.
· Installation: Upright only.
· Main Body: Impact and heat resistant ABS resin.
· Lens: Superior weather resistant and light translucent AS resin.
· Spare Bulb: Included.
· Available Colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue


Model Specifications

SIZE - 82mm square
- 24V DC
- 120V AC
- 220V AC
FUNCTIONS - Rotating with Alarm
MOUNTING - Direct Mount
- Indoors (Upright Only)
BODY STYLE - Square Base, colored Lens
- pre-assembled, pre-wired
- Lens Colors interchangeable, not stackable after purcha
BODY COLOR - Body: Beige
STACKABLE TIERS - Fixed frame: 1, 2, 3 or 4-tier versions available
GLOBE COLOR - Light Source: Bulb
- Lens Colors: Red / Amber / Green / Blue
GLOBE MATERIAL - Acrylic Resin
AUDIBLE STYLE - An integral intermittent tone
- Max. 85dB at 1 meter

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