F-12E Anti Static Ionizing Fan | Vessel & SignalFx No1 IN JAPAN

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Ionizing Fan | Anti Static Solution

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EDP 621369
Model No. F-12E

  • Powerful static eraser blower with outstanding capabilities
  • A new concept round electrical discharge unit provides a highly accurate ion balance of ± 5 V or less.
  • Highly reliable AC piezo current will generate very little deterioration of the ion balance.
  • Compact design perfectly suitable for cell procution machines
  • Adjustment dial provides continuousppprl adjustment of the fan speed.
  • 52 dB (at maximum fan speed)
  • Operation and display panel located on top of the unit.
  • Easy maintenance

Ion generation method
High voltage DC corona discharge
Output voltage
DC4.0kV - 8.0kV
Input voltage
DC24V ± 5% 340mA (TYP.)
H193 x W129 x D76 (H204.5 x W140.5 x D80 including stand) mm
Weight (g)
Fan speed (max) (m3/min)
1.8 (Catalog value)
Noise emission
HI: 52dB, MID: 46dB, LO: 37dB (A, Measured at 1m)
Ozone generation
0.05ppm or less (Measured at 50mm)
Working temperature/humidity range
0 - 60°C / 35 - 65%RH (No dewing)
Distance form target area
150 - 900mm (Installation location: Non-dangerous indoor location)
Static electricity removal time
Refer to the items in the capabilities chart.
Ion balance
Within ± 5V (At 300mm)
Package Size (mm)
290 x 250 x 170
Gross Weight
2.3 kg



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