PATLITE LR10 IP69K Washdown Safe LED Light and Sounder Signal Tower Light

Colours: Red Yellow Green
Feature Options: No Alarm
Cable or M12: Cable Multicore Included
Sale price$850.00 AUD


Made by World's No1 Industrial Grade LED Signalling Solution Manufacturer.


Up to 20 times brighter than traditional LED Signal Tower lights used in logistical warehousing, conveyer belts, machine indication, pharmaceutical, manufacturing processing, oil & gas, Crane, Heavy Machinery, Load Safety Indication. Wash down resistant with quick connect M12 plug system and a large 100mm diameter.

  • IP69K - Complete Wash down resistance
  • Quick M12 Connection
  • Smooth Surface for easy cleaning
  • Highest Quality finish & Quality control manufacturing
  • Choice of ON, FLASHING, ROTATING functionality
  • AC/DC Compatibility
  • Additional Secure Bolt Lid upgrade for added durability
  • Various light patterns
    Continuous, Blinking, Flashing, and Rotating

    In addition to continuous and blinking, which are available with standard Signal Towers, flashing and motorless rotation were added.
    Optimal lighting method can be chosen depending on your requirements.
    Click here for video showing lighting patterns.

  • Meets IP66/69K
    Reliable even in harsh environments

    Highest class of waterproof and dustproof performance for Signal Towers.
    Not only can it be used outdoors, but it can also be used safely in food factories and other facilities.

    《Protection Rating》

    IP6X: Dust-resistant type (completely prevents dust from entering.)
    IPX6: Protect against Violent jet (Powerful jets of water with nozzles from all directions)
    IP69K: There should be no water ingress when a test unit is subjected to hot water at 80℃
       discharged through a nozzle of specified shape at a water pressure of 80-100 BAR and
       a flow rate of 14-16 liters/minute. Additionally, the distance between the test unit and nozzle
        is 10-15 cm, and water is discharged for 30 seconds in each direction, 0, 30, 60 and 90
       degrees, while the test unit rotated on a horizontal plane.

  • Screw-secured Head Cover and Buzzer Unit are available as options.

    Optional Head Cover and Buzzer Unit that are secured with screws are
    available to prevent them from falling off.
    Screws used in the pre-assembled unit can be used, so only the top unit needs
    to be replaced.

 Contact your dealer for different color combinations.


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