Patlite LS7-9 LED Signal Tower Washdown Proof High IP

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LS7 LED Signal Tower . (LS7-9 Video Presentation Below)
The LS7-9 Series Signal Light Tower features an elegant, smooth surface design that is IP69K rated to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature washdown operations. Additionally, with no exposed screws, shafts or other metal components, the LS7-9 is ideally suited for sanitary environment applications such as the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The M12 Quick-disconnect version significantly simplifies installation and can reduce costs by eliminating the need for a separate relay box.

LS7-9 Series Signal Light Towers feature a state-of-the-art inner lens design that emits a sharper and more efficient LED light in comparison to other signal tower designs. Models are available in three or five light tier configurations. A durable shock-resistant polycarbonate lens ensures long life and reliable operation. An optional 2000 Hz to 3000 Hz alarm emits a sound that can "cut through" the sound from operating machinery that would normally drown out other buzzer sounds.

Product Features

・IP69K ingress protection for high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down
・A smooth-surfaced body which does not expose any metal
・The lens cover is made of shock-resistant polycarbonate.
・A buzzer sound heard through various environments
・High-contrast visibility
・Remarkable display in ANY environment
・M12 connector wiring & stackable construction
・Easy installation with 1/2-inch NPT fittings
・All plastic body with Delrin bracket

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