Herman Miller Aeron Chair Lumber Pad Replacement Part Size A B C

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Size: A
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Authentic Herman Miller Aeron Chair Lumber Pad Replacement Part Size A B C

Lumber Support Pad Part for the Classic Aeron in Size A B or C
Suitable for Genuine Herman Miller Classic Aeron Ergonomic Task Chairs

Affix this unit to the frame of your Classic Aeron (manufactured before October 2016) and to adjust it to your back's natural curve. To determine size of chair, feel under the back-frame edge near top corner: one bump is A, two is B, and three bumps in a triangle is C.

This lumbar support kit is available in 3 sizes (A, B, or C) of the classic Aeron Chair, Aeron Stool, and Aeron Side Chair. When installed properly, the lumbar support pad adjusts vertically to provide back support over a four-inch range, supporting the natural curve of your midback, or lumbar region. The pad can be positioned with a thinner or thicker side facing you to vary the level of support provided. This lumbar support kit increases the immediate comfort of the chair for those who like to recline as they sit.

Please contact us to confirm stock and supply lead times as online stock status may or may not be accurate.  Kindly note if products are not in stock in Australia there is a import lead time from Herman Miller USA.  If in stock we can dispatch with in 3 to 14 business days depending on the urgency of the order.  For urgent orders you must get in touch with one of our staff to notify and confirm.

* Light Grey (Smoky Grey) Versions for the lighter coloured Aeron Chairs are typically custom order parts and will have an associated lead times.   Blacks are the standard colours usually held in stock or on back order.


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