Haworth FERN Ergonomic Chair w/ Danish KVADRAT Wool Seat

Lumber Support Options: Standard
Head Rest Options: Not Required
Sale price$1,643.00 AUD



By Haworth Design Studio USA and ITO Design Germany 

“A NEW MOVEMENT- Easy, natural, and unhindered — Fern is in tune with your every move” 

Build and order your very own custom FERN chair with The Melbourne Chair Company.  Consult and choose specifications to fit your needs as well as custom Danish Woolf fabrics and frame colours. 


Renowned as one of the very best work, study or gaming chairs, FERN is an authentic TRUE Ergonomic Task Chair manufactured by one of the Global Top 3 Corporate Designer furniture makers Haworth.

The ONLY luxury Executive ergonomic chair designed to protect your back whilst giving you the ultimate seating comfort through the use of DANISH KVADRAT WOOL FABRIC for its seating.

Suitable for all including corporate executives, professionals, home office, you tubers, gaming industry and more.

Haworth is one of Global Top3 Designer Furniture Makers for the corporate sector.  Danish KVADRAT Fabric is known as the best in the industry with long history.

The FERN high back ergonomic task chair custom build and ordered to your specification.  You can choose features, colours, frames, fabrics of your choice.  

The chairs naturally moving back system and ultra soft wool fabric seat is amazing for those who want to sit comfortably, ergonomically, and in luxury and style, whether it be for work or gaming.

The Haworth Design Company is renowned in the corporate sector and is often favoured amongst the very best for its proven track record in ergonomics and protecting staff health.

Specification of the FERN 


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