Are you overwhelmed with IIoT Implementation Options? Start with Easy-to-Implement Low Cost Machine & Production Data Collection System.

PATLITE WD-Z2 system is a revolutionary low-cost IIoT system complementing hardware (Industrial Internet of Things). Developed by PATLITE corporation they work seamlessly with the standard 24V PATLITE LR6 Series machine signal tower lights.

The WD-Z2 system allows for wireless transmission of machine and or operational data, while also providing physical, visual and audible indication data. You can easily acquire and visualize machine data in real time, without having to overhaul or implement a new IoT system or network, pugging directly into existing traditional LR6 Tower Lights.   No expensive change over is required and can be adapted into factory of any age. This addition is a easy to implement, low-cost solution which allows operators respond more efficiently, locally or remotely, to the situations which arise on factory floor including production lines or machinery.

Predicting maintenance, bottlenecks and increasing Total Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a cost-effective, easy to implement, Solution to tasks most companies in Australia, New Zealand, and Globally have been tackling in recent years has just become some thing that is achievable.

The components of the WD-Z2 system are:

The WDT transmitters / The signal towers of the lines LR, LE or LME / the signal receiver WDR-LE-Z2 / Data visualization software WDS-WIN01 / Software [mcFrame Signal Chain] monitoring (third party software)

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